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a penny 4 ya thoughts

Meanwhile, check out hit single "Blessings on Blessings" on iTunes.




“Conquer your Dreams and Dream to Conquer”, is the motto that Byron “Black Collar
Biz” Marshall  has grew up to a very diverse array of music from Gospel, Soul,
Funk and Blues to Hip Hop and R&B; it molded him into becoming an artist that pushed boundaries and knows no limitations. Biz has built a solid reputation as an MC in his hometown and in some places throughout the state. His music began reaching a wider variety of people when linked up with Will “Kasso” Condry, founder of S.A.G.E. Coalition. In the first quarter of 2012 the two spent a lot of time together creating and producing at the Trenton Atelier, which in brought in plenty of press; and in turn which opened up new ears for Biz. By first quarter 2013 he was working with a relatively new band “The Blackout Kings” (Micah Mahon, Brad Fulton, Adam “Kardan” Cook, and Collin Fraytis.) They are from the Trenton/Willingboro area and have been playing for about a year to date, but in June 2013 they joined forces and made history at Art All Night; with what some are calling the most memorable show they have had to date.
After all the local success Biz remained humble, and focused on reaching his goals, “One Day at a Time.” as he would say. Daily he is trying to broaden his fan base, all while creating what he hopes will be timeless music that people will love and embrace.
He’s an artist who feels he does not have to be a millionaire rapper, “If I can make a teacher’s salary making music, doing what I love, then I am good!” Throughout his journey, Biz has been able to create all those genres of music he grew up
listening to. Dropped a decent amount of diverse singles and will continue to do so. Follow as he Conquers his Dream.




                     Jan 8th           GameChangerWorld          Howell, NJ

                     Jan 30th           Seafood Haven            Willingboro, NJ

                     Mar 12th             Club1800               Philadelphia, PA

                     April 30th           SunCenter               Trenton, NJ